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Burley Bike Trailer Stroller

burley bike trailer stroller

    bike trailer
  • A bicycle trailer is a motorless wheeled frame with a hitch system for transporting cargo by bicycle. It can greatly increase a bike's cargo capacity, allowing point-to-point haulage of objects up to 4 cubic yards (3 cubic meters) in volume that weigh as much as half-a-ton.

  • saunterer: someone who walks at a leisurely pace

  • A chair on wheels, typically folding, in which a baby or young child can be pushed along

  • Baby transport (or child carrier, stroller, perambulator or baby carrier) consists of devices for transporting and carrying infants. A "child carrier" or "baby carrier" is a device used to carry an infant or small child on the body of an adult.

  • A person taking a leisurely walk

  • baby buggy: a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around

  • A tobacco of a light-colored variety grown mainly in Kentucky

  • The Humanx Commonwealth is a fictional interstellar ethical/political entity featured in the science fiction novels of Alan Dean Foster.

  • Burley is a city in Cassia and Minidoka counties in the southern portion of the U.S. state of Idaho. The population was 9,316 at the 2000 census. The city is the county seat of Cassia County.

  • Burley tobacco is a light air-cured tobacco used primarily for cigarette production. In the United States it is produced in an eight state belt with approximately 70% produced in Kentucky.

Out for a Walk (and a sleep?)

Out for a Walk (and a sleep?)

Directly across from our condo is the Disney resort, so we took a walking tour. It was okay, but our place was just as nice. Naomi fell asleep along the way. It was great having our Burley, which did double duty as stroller and bike trailer.

The Rig - BourneBridge

The Rig - BourneBridge

Looking forward in the forecast I decided to take yesterday off. Took the family to Cape Cod for the day. AnnMarie pushed Noah in the stroller and I pulled Nathan in the bike trailer. Fun fun (read tiring!) day.

burley bike trailer stroller

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