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Bike Pants For Women

bike pants for women

    for women
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Cropped Pants

Cropped Pants

Over the weekend Mark (my boyfriend, for those who don't follow my blog) confessed that he has no great love of cropped pants on women, proclaiming that they make the legs look shorter. It's actually a very valid point; therefore I took it as my challenge to try to design an outfit with which this doesn't occur. Perhaps pairing the white pants with pale silver shoes to match my ultra-pallid complexion helped to counteract the effect, perhaps not. Either way I'm still going to wear my cropped pants (sorry Mark!); they are summery and fun, and remind me of drippy popsicles, sprinklers, and bikes with baskets on the front. You can wear them to the beach and you don't have to roll them up to go wading; you can pedal along on a bike and the cuffs don't get caught in the gears. They just don't look very sexy. C'est la vie.

The blue wrap dress is from Forever 21, cropped pants from La Redoute, shoes by Born, scarf and handbag from Banana Republic.

A Girl and her Bike (Circa 1954)

A Girl and her Bike (Circa 1954)

My first shoot on Sunday morning was to shoot Ashleigh & Emma. Both of their boyfriends are Marines and are being deployed to Iraq in the coming month. They wanted to do a shoot for them. Dress up, playful, etc. Nothing too crazy, but this was one of my favorites. She really nailed this look.

bike pants for women

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