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Bicycle solitaire card games - Electric mini pocket bike.

Bicycle Solitaire Card Games

bicycle solitaire card games

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Day #5 - 264

Day #5 - 264

I learned something new today: at our house, Christie and I have five separate decks of cards.

Aviator. Hoyle. Bicycle. Maverick. Aristocrat.

Five different sets of cards, each with their own levels of wear (read abuse), texture, and style. Between these 264 cards were shared countless games. Games with friends full of laughter and shouting (Egyptian Ratscrew) The relaxed motions of passing the time (Solitaire) Silent games of intense concentration between bitter foes (with Christie, that game would be called War)

These cards have been through a lot, which should remind us that so have we.

Sorry, just waxing philosophical for a moment. My subject of the day was between this or eggs. I, for one, am glad this won out.

Whitman Card Game Set

Whitman Card Game Set

This plastic-rack of six popular children's card games bears the original owner's name on each of the cardboard match-box style boxes. The white plastic snaps apart to free the game decks.

I found this at Angelic Resale in "better" side, for $10, which might seem high for a thrift store. But I didn't hesitate--the games are all complete, and the graphics are awesome!

bicycle solitaire card games

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